Superior Lightning Suppression Technology

We apologize for the inconvenience, but our website is currently down.

Please email Jay Kothari, President at with any questions or requests while we work through this issue.

Important Website Information: on 4/24/2017 our website was internally hacked and brought down by a former Officer and VP of the company. This former officer maliciously took down the website for personal gain. The company, Bill Rust, Inc., was responsible for hosting the site and without notice or warning "Suspended" the account to make it look like EMP Solutions was no longer in operation. These acts are not only unethical but illegal and are being reviewed by EMP attorneys.

BREAKING NEWS: EMP Solutions is happy to announce that it plans on launching a line of 3 new lightning suppressors on May 1st, 2017. These new suppressors balance the electromagnetic field and prevent lightning from forming much like our DDCE line of suppressors did. The difference is increased performance and coverage area due to a drastic design modification that increases performance by up to 2000%. Please check back four our side by side comparison video on May 1st and more information about our new product lines.

EMP Solutions, Inc. is the company that introduced lightning suppression to the United States in 2014 and continues to improve its product offerings to rise to the challenge of increased lighting storm frequency and intensity. Our new product are made by 99% recycled materials and have vastly improved performance including coverage areas that are up to 50% more than the PDCE/DDCE suppressors.